Spain Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa: Reside, Work, and Invest in Spain

Obtain Residency and Unlock Numerous Benefits

The Spain Golden Visa offers a pathway for individuals seeking to reside in Spain. By investing in real estate or business within the country, you can obtain this visa, granting you and your family the opportunity to live, work, and travel freely within the Schengen area of the European Union. Unlock a range of benefits with the Golden Visa, including access to Spanish education and healthcare services, as well as eligibility to apply for Spanish citizenship after a certain period of time. If you’re interested in obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain, consult with Melvision, a specialized agency, to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements. Contact us today for personalized advice and more information.

Discover the Kingdom of Spain: A Vibrant Destination

Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Spain, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Experience its welcoming atmosphere, majestic landscapes, and exquisite gastronomy, earning it the nickname «Florida of Europe». With a rich history, cultural traditions, and a modern economy, Spain is a key player in Europe. The Spain Residence by Investment Program is ranked 7th out of 26 programs on the 2023 Global Residence Program Index. Benefits of a Spanish Golden Visa:
  • High quality of life
  • Inclusion of family members
  • Access to healthcare and education systems
  • Possibility to apply for Spanish citizenship after two years of residence
Spain Golden Visa Requirements:
  • Minimum investment of EUR 500,000 in real estate or
  • Minimum investment of EUR 1 million in funds, deposits, or listed company shares, or
  • Minimum investment of EUR 2 million in government bonds
Documentation of the investment is required as part of the application process. Procedures and Time Frame of the Spain Golden Visa: Applicants complete prescribed forms, provide fees, and supporting documents. Residence permits are typically issued within 20 days and are initially valid for three years, renewable for five years with a maintained investment in Spain. The application process involves:
  1. Applying for a Spanish residence visa in your home country, allowing one year of residence and work in Spain
  2. Applying for a Spanish residence permit, which can be done directly if entering Spain on an ordinary tourist visa
The residence permit applies to the main investor, spouse or partner (including unmarried or same-sex unions), and economically dependent descendants. No minimum stay is required to maintain residence status, but obtaining the first residence permit requires a visit to Spain.

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